The SE Electronics SE2200a II – A New Classic Vocal Mic

Guest article by Steven Williams​​​​​​​

The SE Electronics SE2200a II is the latest rendition of the UK’s best selling studio condenser microphone the SE2200a, which is a firm favorite for home and even professional studios worldwide including recording the lead vocals throughout of Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black album. Its vast appeal is due to its compact size, amazing quality and most obviously its price. Now the new SE2200a II aims to take this reputation further and add some new features of its own. 

When you use the it you immediately notice its warm detailed sound, especially in the upper frequencies. The single cardioid response pattern is very impressive, and its award winning design (taken from its predecessor) is justly acclaimed. 

Another great feature is the mic's versatility - the dual-diaphragm means it can be changed between cardioid, figure 8 and omni directional polar patterns. This is ideal in a studio environment where you can really experiment and express yourself in the way you intend.

It's not bad to look at - not exactly crucial; but it sure helps. Although the SE2200aII has been designed for practicality rather than looks, it emanates an aura of quality.

The SE2200a II is finished in black rather than silver, which is obviously much less visible on stage or in a dark setting. The black rubber finish is also done for practical reasons and reduces the chassis resonance (handling noise) and the amount of reflections on its surface. 

So here’s a recap of the key features:

  • 1” Gold Sputtered capsule 
  • Black Rubber Finish 
  • Frequency Response- 20Hz-20kHz 
  • Max SPL for THD 0.5%- 135dB 
  • Multiple polar patterns- Cardoid, omni, and figure 8 
  • Free shock mount and metal pop filter- for a limited time 

On a personal level when I was looking for a new vocal microphone for my home studio it only took me a few clicks to reach a decision. I had a very limited budget but couldn’t afford to sacrifice quality. I read a few reviews and this mic ticked all the boxes. 

You’ve got to remember, using Amy Winehouse’s microphone isn’t going to make you sounds like her, but it will drastically improve the quality of recording. So if you feel you have a good voice and you’re gear just isn’t doing it justice, then you its time to upgrade. 

I think anyone that owns or has used the SE Electronics SE2200a II would agree that it really is a great value for money. There is good reason for its vast popularity ranging from you’re local band to Hollywood producers. It would be a compact and quality addition to anyone’s studio.

Where to buy: The SE2200a II is available to UK readers here. US people will have to do more legwork, or watch Amazon (links to the older SE2200a). If you know of a good source, please let us know.

About the Author Lee Weaver

Lee started his career in recording with an auspicious goal - record tracks of his own voice singing in harmony. As a hobby project, it didn't have the funding to go to a studio and pay for someone to do it for him. Like many of you, he pulled himself up by the bootstraps to learn the art of recording.

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