Recording audio books

Recording audio books helped me tremendously when I was learning how to record. I don't know if I could have done it without them.

Don't waste a lot of time fiddling with things - get one of these books. You will learn so much faster. It's like having a personal coach by your side.

Reading a book won't give you experience and intuition about how to record, but it will put you in the fast lane to success.

I have several books on recording and digital audio and I'll explain them here and why I like them. Some are helpful in understand how digital audio works, what it does, and what that means to a recording engineer. Others help with practical techniques to use, like where to put the microphone, and helpful suggestions about preamps.

First is Practical Recording Techniques: The step-by-step approach to professional audio recording. This book has a very helpful section on microphone technique for a beginner, and I still reference it. Also, a good discussion of stereo recording. Overall, it's a good introductory book to recording.

Next up is Modern Recording Techniques. This is a more detailed look at things, a maybe bit more technical overall. I like it as a good reference book. Be sure to check it out, maybe after Practical Recording Techniques.

Lastly, Digital Audio. This recording book focuses on digital audio and it's nature, what you need to know about it to record it. (It's out of print, but the Amazon prices are quite good for used ones.)

These are only three books. There are many more! I know these books, and I like them.

Should I consider any other books or resources? Let me know, and if I'll consider it for here.

About the Author Lee Weaver

Lee started his career in recording with an auspicious goal - record tracks of his own voice singing in harmony. As a hobby project, it didn't have the funding to go to a studio and pay for someone to do it for him. Like many of you, he pulled himself up by the bootstraps to learn the art of recording.

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