Event 20/20BAS studio monitors – make better mixes

It's true. Studio monitors help make mixes better. And nothing hits that sweet spot of a good speaker at an affordable price range better than the Event 20/20BAS studio monitor.

In my discussion about studio monitors, I mentioned that I use Event TR6 monitors. I love them. They are accurate, affordable, and do the job well. But you can't get them any more (discontinued). Bummer.

But there's good news. Event has a better set of monitors than the Tuned Reference Series (TR6 for tuned reference 6"). It's called the 20/20BAS.

20/20 for the frequency response - 20Hz - 20kHz. Standard fare. BAS for bi-amplified speaker - two amplifiers. One for the low end, another for the high. Again, standard.

But the quality is far better than "standard." Event studio monitors strike again.

The making of a great product

Event used to be a failing company. Their products were not that great. But then Rode bought them out - Rode is another sound company that makes great mics.

The first project was to totally revamp the product lines. Everything was discontinued. They spent millions of dollars researching speaker technology. The result was the Opal, a $2,000 monitor.

Today, you can get that same technology wrapped up in a smaller, affordable package. You guessed it - it's the Event 20/20BAS V3. It's gone over some revisions over the years, and they are at version 3 (V3 for short).

The good stuff

The V3 has all the power you'll ever need for a small studio. The amplifiers feed the speaker plenty of power: 130 watts for the low end, and 70 watts for the high end. Combined 200 watts. That's a lot of power for nearfield studio monitors.

Even with all that power, these monitors do not distort the sound. Studio monitors should give you accurate sound, not distorted sounds. With the Event 2020bas you get pristine audio at high volume (when you need it).

On top of that, there is no self noise in these speakers. Self noise is the little pffffff you hear when a speaker is on but not playing anything. Check out a regular set of speakers and try to hear the self noise. The 20/20 doesn't have that. Well, so little that you won't even think about it.

It is easy on the ears with a smooth response. It doesn't produce extra sound in the entire range, giving your ears a break to hear what's actually there.

The response is accurate and quick. As a mixing engineer, you need to hear exactly what's going on with the mix. The Event 20/20BAS lets you hear only what's there. Now you can focus on making the music better. The cone and dome are made from materials that act immediately on sound (mineral filled polypropylene, and silk). The music is clearer this way, because the materials are designed to be super quick.

I'm sure you figured this out by now, but let me say it clearly: the Event 20/20BAS is a really great studio monitor.

If you need to get a good quality monitor, but don't have the budget for high dollar speakers, this is the one for you. It's a stalwart - it won't let you down.

See more details at AmazonzZounds, or SamAsh. You can also get these speakers in a pair.

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Lee started his career in recording with an auspicious goal - record tracks of his own voice singing in harmony. As a hobby project, it didn't have the funding to go to a studio and pay for someone to do it for him. Like many of you, he pulled himself up by the bootstraps to learn the art of recording.

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