Get a Good Digital Recording…

at Home

Great sound isn't an accident. It takes work. Follow me along my journey of learning digital audio recording at home, from my bedroom studio beginnings to taking quality microphones on site to record choirs.
Lee Weaver - hobbyist recording engineer

Hi there! So I'm a real guy (Lee Weaver), with real experience. I've learned so much from others along the way. Helping others along the path I walked is my way of paying it forward.

What do I need to start recording?

That was my question at first. All I got was an annoying guy telling me to find a studio. 

My questions were simple:

  • What equipment do I need?
  • How can I run it?

It took a while, but I finally pieced together enough things to make it happen. It took a lot of research and hard work. But I’m happy with what I can do. And now I want to help you.

Great sound isn't an accident. Home recording takes work. My first stuff was bad. Now it's a lot better!

What you'll find here

You found this website because you are looking for information on how to get good recordings at home. Or at least, how to start your journey of learning. This website is my attempt to chronicle my learning. And help you pick up a few things that will be useful.

You won't find academic stuff. No professional level critiques. I taught myself, so I don't know everything. But I do know a lot about what you need when you start out.

That better sound

Here at I am all into getting a better sounding take. I'm after that good sound. Plus all the other stuff along the way.

You'll discover how to start small, and build your home studio from nothing into a digital audio powerhouse. Note - I'm not a pro studio. I just like doing recording, and got decent at it.

I had a lot of help getting my home studio up and running. I started in a bedroom and a living room. It was pretty amusing - the desk was horrific, and I rigged a terrible wooden "rack" for the gear.

Later I moved to a small home studio. Many times on this site you'll hear me talking about my experience - that's because I have it (experience, that is).

This website is your guide. Together we can cover the important steps in making a recording you'll be proud of. When you put the effort into things, I'll be here... and I know good things will happen! (And I want to hear them.)

Here are a few jumping off points


Equipment Overview

What the categories are (like mixers, microphones, cables, interfaces, preamps, and more). How they relate to each other. What you need. Stuff like that.


Building a Home Studio

So I was able to build a home recording studio from scratch. Here's some of the lessons I learned (with pictures to prove it).


Microphone Stuff

I call microphones the ears of the whole system. If you screw this up, you can't fix it. Or as we say, you can't polish mud. Mic technique and selection info here.

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