What do I need?

by C. Griffiths
(Carmarthen, Wales UK)

I've been a guitarist for many, many years, and recently bought a Korg PA1X keyboard/synth to supply accompaniment. Unfortunately, my Mac Snow Leopard computer doesn't recognize the Korg USB connection - with or without the Korg software, so I'm left wondering how else I can record from both instruments. I thought I could buy some kind of recording device whereby I could record first the synth, then the guitar.

My question therefore, is, "What do I need." Secondary question: "Where do I start."

Any advice would be appreciated.

PS. I thought that the Garage Band on the Mac would be a help - but I can't get it to recognize the Korg!

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Nov 16, 2011
An audio interface
by: Lee from Bedroom-Recording.com

I think your problem is you want the audio from the keyboard to go into the computer, but I'm not sure that the USB connection on the keyboard is what you need. You need some way to get the sound, the audio there.

I think you should be able to get a small audio interface that will translate the analog audio (plugged in from the keyboard or guitar) to the computer software. Check out the page on Bedroom-Recording.com about audio interfaces here. There are a number of 2 and 4 channel interfaces that will probably work well for you.

Short answers to your questions:
What do you need: an audio interface.
Where do you start: the interface page mentioned above.

This should work fine with Garage Band or most computer recording software programs.

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