Share YOUR Stereo Recording Strategies

Everyone who has done any any amount of stereo recording has some stereo recording strategies. I've done some, and I've shared my strategies with you.

We all need help along the way in our path to learning to record well. Sharing with each other is a tremendous stepping stone in the road.

So what does this have to do with you?

Everything! I welcome YOUR stereo strategies to the world. Right here is a place you can read other people's tricks, comment on them, and post your own ways of getting the best recording.

Did I miss anything in the other articles on stereo recording?

Is there something I brought up but didn't discuss sufficiently?

This is your chance to be heard. Tell the world what you think...

What are YOUR stereo recording questions?

What questions do you need answers to? Ask them here, and I'll do my best to answer them. Plus, anyone else can supply answers and comments. Confused about ORTF, XY, AB, and the other stuff? What kind of mics to use here or there? Let's hear the question...

Questions Other Visitors Had

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Spaced Pair Using Earthworks TCK40 Omnis 
I absolutely adore the sound that the Earthworks QTC40 microphone records. The sound is phenomenal for working with choral groups. I've experimented with …

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