Ask your questions about recording, and home recording.

Everyone has questions about recording. I know it gets hard, trying to figure everything out and get things right. Then there are those pesky problems that you can't figure out. I remember starting out. What kinds of equipment would be good for me? Should I get a computer sound card or an external interface? What kind of a mic should I get?

The questions never go away. That's where comes in. We'll try to answer as best we can, as quickly as we can. We're not the final experts, but we have the experience.

We try to answer all questions about recording, but if we don't, if could be several things. Maybe the question came up before. Maybe we don't know enough about your setup (make sure you give enough info). Maybe it doesn't exactly pertain to recording. Sometimes it may simply be not enough time, and we will get to it eventually. Those times are a bummer.

The question forms are spread out by topics. See the list of topics below:

Click here for computer recording related questions. This is geared for how to use computers in recording. How to use software, and how to connect the hardware and software to make things work.

Click here for stereo recording related questions. Questions here revolve around using two or more mics to record in stereo sound. It is most often used for classical or choral recording, but is useful whenever you have an ensemble of any size.

Still can't get an answer or find the correct spot? You can reach us directly via email here.

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