Not getting the results I think I should with my setup. Am I doing something wrong?

by Hunter

Audacity settings screenshot

Audacity settings screenshot

I recently purchased an AT2035 cardioid mic and an M-Audio MobilePre USB Pre/Interface, and a Toshiba L755 computer. I connected everything, installed the proper drivers, and then opened up Audacity just to see what the whole shebang sounded like, and was met with lackluster results. The outcome was the same quality as recording with the microphone that was built into the computer.

I'm extremely new to all of this, but I would hate to think I just blew several hundred dollars on total crap. Is there any insight you could give me, possible problems with which I could tinker? Any help or suggestions would be immensely helpful, and much appreciated.

With the equipment you have, you definitely should be getting a better quality sound compared against the computer's built in mic. I'm not there and I can't see the setup, but here are a few things to try.

First, verify that you have the correct mic cable (with XLR connectors, not the 1/4" jack), and that it is indeed plugged into input 1 of the M-Audio. Sometimes the fixes are things that seem too simple to be problems.

Second, make sure that Audacity is set to the correct input. Reference the picture I uploaded below. The first menu option is for the driver - it should display your M-Audio interface. (Mine says CoreAudio.) The third menu option has a little mic icon beside it - that's the one you need to make sure is set to what you have your mic plugged in to on the M-Audio. (Mine says Built in mic - make sure yours says input 1, or something like that.)

If these things don't take care of the problem, please respond to this post with a reply, or start a new post, and give pictures or try to describe the problem in more detail.

Hope this helps,

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May 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

I was in the same boat as you. I had a m box 2 mini and got no quality. Now I got a 003 rack which is fire wire based. One thing I changed with my m box 2 mini was a mic cable and notice a big difference. I went to a gonami mic cable. I say good mic cable, Mic around 200 to 300 and main and the most important is learn eq and when to eq. I Like fire wire cause it has hardly no latency. usb is known for latency! Good luck and dont give up cause soon a later its going to hit you. Got to remeber Audio is a art. You get your sound not none elses. Whats nice to your ears.

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