Mixing & EQ Tips

by Darren Laine
(New Orleans)

It's all in the EQ. Play music and solo all tracks but main track. Then you dial in from there. Dialing in is when you make a small or narrow bandwidth and raise the volume for that section. (This is in the EQ.) Scoll through all the frequencies, low to high and back again. You should hear the frequencies that are overpowering. I like to cut those with EQ. Than go to dub and hide the dub behind the main, and adlibs behind the dub. Say you cut all of 150 hz on main. So dub you want to cut past that like 250 hz. You really need to dial in to find the frequency to cut. Ita all about cutting a perfect wave form on main and hide every thing behind it. Good luck! This should work.

Darren, you nailed my way of working with EQ. It doesn't have to be complicated, just listen with your ears. If you hear a problem, work on it. Sometimes it is complicated, with more than one EQ adjustments, but with a little patience things will work.

I can't emphasize the dialing in enough - it's the best way to learn how. Take a band, set it to a narrow width, crank the gain up high, and scroll through the entire range to see where you have peaks. Remember to cut gently, not harshly, until you get the best sound.
-Lee, Bedroom-Recording.com

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