Mic Placement

by Andre
(Auckland, New Zealand)

How do you get mic placement right – or know what sounds right when moving your mics around in the studio, particularly when your setting up a session all your by yourself?

Thats been my dilemna as a student so far, I place the mics and have tried wearing headphones whilst placing but it's hard to judge what im picking up when i cant really hear it.

Is it just hit and miss for mic placement or is there a way to hear what you are doing and know what sound your getting?



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Apr 28, 2017

by: Lee

Hi Andre!

There is a way!

OK, to clarify, my experience is in vocal and choir recording, so you may need modifications to my tactics.

Your ears are the best tool you have as an engineer. Use them by finding the sweet spot BEFORE you place the mic. In other words, move your head around, paying close attention to subtle changes in sound.

That's tip 1.

The other tip is just record a little, move the mic, and record a little more. Then compare them. It's tedious and slow, but it works.

The more you do it, the more your intuition will guide to better placement.


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