Laptop to mixing board for DJ setup

I want to run my laptop through an audio interface to connect to a mixing board. What is the best USB interface to use? The mixing board connects to an amp and speakers, and a wireless mic receiver.


It depends on your mixing board. Why? Because your laptop most likely has a headphone out port - this is line level output, and a mixing board should have a line level input. You can connect the laptop to two channels on the mixer (because the laptop output is stereo) with a cable like this one.

If for some reason this will not work for you, an interface may work better. In this case, I recommend looking at an interface.

You can investigate two kinds of interfaces: lower end and better quality. Lower end interfaces, like the Lexicon Omega (or Lambda) provide an economical way to get started. However, quality is just not as good.

Better quality will serve you better, but is it worth it for YOU? I really like MOTU as a company, having worked with several of their interfaces. You might look at the Audio Express.

So there you have it. Two ways to think about it. Any further questions? Leave them in the comments. Do let us know what ends up working for you.

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