Karaoke Recording

by Maria


I've had this problem for six years,and I still haven't figured it out.

I have a computer, and all my digital music is in the computer. I want to be able to sing in a mic that is hooked in to the computer and play the music on my computer and also record at the same time. It's like karaoke. On the computer screen is a video (karaoke) with music and lyrics and I sing in to a mic, and I want to be able to record all that on the computer.

Please... release me from this pain! How do I make this possible? Please help me!

And thank you for your site. You have a awesome way of describing things so that it's easy to read and understand.

Best wishes,

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Nov 17, 2012
Mix the tracks in Audacity...
by: Lee from Bedroom-Recording.com

Hi Maria,

Thank you for your kind comments about this site.

You should be able to record from your mic directly to your computer without too much bother. If you use Audacity or some other recording software, make sure that your mic input (where you plug it into the computer) is selected for the audio input in the recording software. Then watch the video while recording your voice through the mic.

The next step is to mix the audio for the soundtrack and the audio from your vocal track together. You may have an audio file - if so, just import it to Audacity (or your editor) and adjust the start and stop times so the two tracks are synchronized.

If it is a video file, you need to use a video editor to mix them. That's beyond what I know about here, so you may want to investigate video editors for that.

Hope this helps, but if it doesn't leave a comment below this one with any follow up questions.


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