How to make the voice sound stereo?

by Julian
(Paris, France)

I have the knowledge in recording but don't know how to make the voice sound stereo. It feels like it's recorded in the middle no matter how I pan on the left and right to make it sound stereo. I hope you see my problem and can answer my question.

Thank you for your precious help!

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Aug 18, 2011
Stereo Sound
by: Lee from

Hi Julian,

Please keep in mind that in order for sound to be stereo, there must be two discrete tracks. I'm guessing your problem is trying to get one track sound like it's two - it won't work.

Try this - record the first track, then go back, and re-record a second track of identical material, only sung a second time. Now pan these tracks separately, either hard left and right, or some degree of separation (experiment with the level of panning). I think that should give you what you might be looking for.


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