How to connect equipment

by JR

back of mixer

back of mixer

I have a good mic and a nice tube preamp with adjustments for gain, impedance, filter, limiter and phase and it provides a rich, warm sound.

I'm still having some problems setting up, though, and I would really appreciate others' expertise. I'm missing something in my understanding - so perhaps I need more detailed instructions - please be very specific and use my words in your reply so I can follow. (Also if the 1/4" needs to be specifically mono/stereo)

Mic preamp XLR in and out; 1/4" in and out

Mixer (Fostex 8VL) has the following inputs/outputs:
L/R Mono Aux returns 1/4" (2 sets)
1 and 2 Aux send 1/4"
L/R Mono Out 1/4"
L/R Stereo Out RCA
8 Recorder OUt RCA
2 DAT ports
1 Punch in/out 1/4"
2 MIDI ports
8 1/4" track inputs and a headphone input for the master fader in front

Computer: line in and mic in

Effects processor has 1/4" in and out

Compressor/limiter has XLR in and out, TRS in and out and Key Ext. TS send and return

Thanks so much for your help.

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Jul 08, 2009
Problem solved!
by: Lee -

Great! Glad to help.

Jul 08, 2009
Connecting equipment
by: JR

Perfect! Very clear -- Thank you!

Jul 08, 2009
Working the chain
by: Lee -

It sounds like you need help connecting your string of recording equipment together. (If not, leave another comment below.)

First, you need to have an understanding of the recording chain - how the signal travels from the beginning to the end. Where does it go from the mic, and how does it get to the computer (I assume you are recording with a computer). You have some idea of what you need already - you have the mic, preamp, a compressor, effects, and a mixer.

So if your goal is to get the mic signal to the computer using ALL of your pieces, try something like this:
mic -> preamp via XLR
preamp -> compressor via XLR or 1/4" TRS
compressor -> effects via 1/4" (TRS if possible)
effects -> mixer via 1/4" TRS
mixer -> computer via 1/4" TRS into the line level port

This setup will allow you to use all of your equipment. However, if you are recording one track at a time, you can omit the mixer and go from the effects processor to the computer with the 1/4". If you are recording more than one track at a time, you must mix them into a stereo mix before recording to the computer. In that case, I would suggest you look at some sort of audio interface for the computer.

Does this help? If not, please leave a comment below.

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