Audio Technica Headphones

Audio Technica headphones are an excellent investment in any recording studio. As I'm sure you know, headphones are important in helping evaluate a mix during mixdown. They let you hear deep down inside, catching things you might have otherwise missed. Audio Technica headphones work very well for this application.

Audio Technica m40fs Headphones

Audio Technica has several pairs of headphones available, but I would like to focus on one specific model: the M40fs. They are closed back, meaning they will attenuate much of the ambient room noise, allowing you to hear the mix without distractions or interferences.

The ATH-M40fs headphones have an excellent frequency response: 5hz to 28kHz. This allows for a clear sound throughout the entire sound spectrum. Whether it's the low end, high end, or important mids, the M40fs will deliver.

I've used the M40fs headphones for years now, so much that I need to get a new pair soon! I absolutely love them for the clear sound and decent bass response. I see that there is another model with extra bass response (the the D40fs - they are just a tad more in cost). Personally, I'm completely satisfied with the M40fs and will get them again. But if you decide to try the D40fs, please let me know how they work.

Audio Technica d40fs Headphones

Here's another tribute to the M40fs - I've owned my pair for about seven years now, and they are still kicking strong. I rolled my chair over them enough times that the cable is starting to go bad, and my beard took its toll on the padding around the earpiece, but otherwise they are still good to go!

Audio Technica has a few other headphone models, mostly under the cost/quality of the M40fs. For studio purposes, I would just stay away from them, because the M40fs is inexpensive enough to use, and I would be disappointed with the lower quality headphones.

So what should you do now? Definitely buy a pair of the Audio Technica M40fs headphones!

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