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[Bedroom Recording Tips] What is your Number 1 problem?
January 02, 2012

What is your Number 1 recording problem?

Throughout my life as a home recording enthusiast, I've had many Number 1 recording problems. First it was trying to figure out what kind of equipment I needed. Then it was how to put it together. After that, it was how to use the software. Then it was how to eliminate the boomy, thuddy sound when I recorded myself singing in multiple tracks.

I was very grateful for the people who helped me move over each hurdle, bringing me to the place where I can help other people do the same things.

Here at, I am trying to do as much as possible to help you solve your Numer 1 recording problems. I have many articles on the website and links to specific products that I think will provide value to you when you record.

But I need your help. I'm not you, and I don't always know what you are thinking. Please let me know whatever your Numer 1 problem is. (It can even be a Number 2 or 3 problem, if you can't think of what the biggest one is.) Just hit reply to this message and let me know. I'm ready to provide new content based on our

Reader Questions

From time to time I get questions regarding specific recording problems or issues. If I see that may be valuable to other readers, I may share these in this column of Home Recording Tips.

For this week's question, Matty asked this:

"Hey Lee, Happy holidays. I'm a guitarist and have a RP255 (effects unit) with a USB that I'm using for guitar, bass and drum track. It's really an awesome unit. However I do a lot of different strings and more often than not that involves a piezo element transducer. What would be a good audio interface for transducers and mikes?"

For this specific instance, I like the MOTU 4pre that I highlighted last week. I believe I mentioned that it included 4 separate preamps for microphones, but what I did not mention is important for you. Of the four mic inputs, you can plug a guitar directly into two of them. (The other two accept regular line level signals.) So in essence, the 4pre includes 2 microphone preamps and 2 guitar inputs.

Again, I highly recommend any MOTU equipment, so the 4pre is a good thing.

Well, thats all for this week. Again, please give me feedback, even if you just type two words. I'm here to help.


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